About Alliance Loss Consultants


Our Approach

 Licensed and regulated by the California Department of Insurance under the Public Insurance Adjusters Act, we assist in preparing, presenting and negotiating a client’s claims to insurance companies.
“Insurance companies, like many industries, have profits and stockholders to consider which may have an effect on the settlement amount.  Alliance is able to negotiate improved settlements for our clients because our efforts are exclusively dedicated to our client’s receiving the full benefit of the premiums they have paid in good faith as well as having their property fully restored to the condition prior to the loss.”



Our Experience

 Having been in the loss consulting business for nearly 35 years, Alliance is thoroughly versed in all of the policy terms and conditions that affect the outcome of a claim.  The in-house or independent adjuster is employed by the insurance company and is likely to interpret the terms of the policy in the insurance company’s best interest.   Alliance focuses on interpreting the terms of the policy according to the client’s best interest.  
“We strive to achieve the highest standard in our industry by focusing solely on serving the best interests of our clients through dedicated service.” 

Brian Levy, Alliance President.  

Brian Levy

  Alliance Loss Consultants was created in 2004 by Brian Levy and David Verbits (1953-2014) out of a strong desire and    commitment to vigorously represent homeowners, business and building owners who have suffered property loss or  damage from unexpected disasters such as fires, earthquakes, floods, windstorms, and burglaries. As dedicated,    professional public insurance adjusters we have nearly 35 years of experience as advocates for the insured in the field  of property loss consulting.   In addition to thousands of homes and businesses in the Bay Area and throughout California, our broad experience includes the Malibu, Laguna and Oakland Hills firestorms, Northridge earthquake, and Hurricanes Andrew, Hugo and Iniki.