New information for all business owners Affected by Pandemic


I want to express our company’s heartfelt care and concern as we stand together to overcome this unprecedented challenge as we have past challenges. We are resilient people.

I want to let everybody know we are open for business and my staff and I are processing claims though finding the process has slowed down due to our current circumstances. I am able to work at my office and to receive mail.

Under the March 20, 2020 order from the California Department of Insurance Guidance on “Essential Business “, I am allowed to continue working and representing the public. I am conducting business by phone, text and email.  If a new situation requires a visit to the loss site, we are prepared to do that.

I am receiving up-to-date on all coverage information due to the virus. While coverage for this crisis is still unknown at this time, law firms and Public Adjusters around the nation are working hard to see where coverage's may apply.  For example, if you own a business that is closed due to the virus and, if there isn’t a specific exclusion for virus and bacteria, there may be business interruption coverage available in your policy.  

Given the need for safety and social distancing during this crisis, you can reach us at our toll-free number 866-746-7150 or my cell 650-444-5497. Feel free to email us at: for a no cost policy review.

Our current situation is changing day to day, let’s all remember to be kind, compassionate and generous and we will get through this time together. 


 We are licensed and regulated by the California Department of Insurance, under the public Insurance Adjusters Act, where we assist in preparing, presenting and negotiating a client’s claims to insurance companies.


California Association of Public Insurance Adjusters

 License #:2702777  


United Policyholders

United Policyholders (UP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) whose mission is to be a trustworthy and useful information resource and a respected voice for consumers of all types of insurance in all 50 states. We don't take money from insurance companies. 


Rocky Mountain Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (RMAPIA)

 Our members are licensed by the Departments of Insurance in the eight Rocky Mountain states: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. A public adjuster only represents the policyholder – leveling the playing field for home and commercial property owners dealing with property loss insurance claims. 


What you should know

 Insurance companies typically assign either an in-house or independent adjuster to process claims. Insurance policies are contracts that by their very nature are subject to vague, ambiguous language open to many interpretations. 


What we do for you

 Alliance is able to negotiate improved settlements for our clients because our efforts are exclusively dedicated to our client’s receiving the full benefit of the premiums they have paid in good faith as well as having their property fully restored to the condition prior to the loss. We strive to achieve the highest standard in our industry by focusing solely on service with the best interest of our clients through dedicated service. 


"Best decision ever!"

"With our sincere appreciation!"

"With our sincere appreciation!"

" After the first meeting with the insurance company, I was confident that you and your company would handle my claim with only my best interest in mind, and I am happy to say that you did.

- John Allen, San Francisco CA

"With our sincere appreciation!"

"With our sincere appreciation!"

"With our sincere appreciation!"

"The time you and your team devoted to documenting our loss was enormous and effective. We could not have done this on our own. The settlement we reached with the insurance company fully met our expectations and our needs.

- Michael Adler & Caroline Zsambok, Santa Rosa CA

"Thankful for your expertise"

"With our sincere appreciation!"

"Thankful for your expertise"

" You were invaluable in helping us settle with the insurance company for money beyond what we would have settled for on our own.

- Michael & Shirley Hooks Napa Valley, CA

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